Budget Car Insurance: A Good Idea?

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Most every state has set a bare minimum of coverage that any driver must have legally. And in the wake of such well-intentioned legislative decisions, companies have sprung up to exploit it. So, like the government mandate, they offer consumers the bare minimum too. Yes, for a low price. But many consumers find that they pay the price for discount car insurance many times over, sometimes financially, and sometimes in inconvenience and hassles. Here are a few surprises that these policies often come with:

Maybe you are among those who simply have no choice but to go with a discount provider. But if you have any option at all - eating out less, a less expensive cell plan, an apartment without a clubhouse - then by all means do it. The money you save can go toward reliable, service-oriented car insurance with coverage for you as well as others. Make the wise choice before it's too late.