Shop Around for Auto Insurance

In our rocky economy, everyone is looking for a way to cut costs. A perfectly legitimate way is by shopping around for better rates on car insurance. And there's no easier way than with this website!

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From the comfort of a computer with Internet access, you can find out which company can help you lower your premiums while maintaining the level of coverage you are used to. Unlike some insurance company-managed websites that have a vested interest in getting consumers to choose them, our site doesn't have a dog in this show. We want YOU to win, not a particular insurer.

Not every insurance page can say that. It really boils down to who maintains their site.

So, policy comparison sites are in one of two main categories: insurer websites, and broker sites. We are the latter. Why does that make a difference? A closer examination will help you see.

Websites Run by Car Insurers

If you surf to website run by an insurer, do you think they have anything to gain by you choosing one of their competitors? Do you suppose they might build in an advantage for themselves in their comparison calculator? Maybe they won't add in glass coverage or other extras that are additional, while comparing their price to competitor prices which come with such extras. It really comes down to business. If you and millions of other consumers choose one of their competitors they go out of business. Their marketing and advertising departments are charged with one goal and one goal only: to bring in more business. They do have a dog in this show. You can't blame them for trying. They have stockholders and employees and everything goes south if they are not careful. Still, you are the one who has to look out for you and your family, if you have one. The good news is that they don't exist in a vacuum these sites. So a savvy shopper will keep looking to comparison sites in order to find the real truth of their rates.

Websites Run by Car Insurance Brokers

Now, what do you suppose drives the business of a broker? What do they have to gain by offering your fair comparisons between the many legitimate companies there are, all vying for your business? It's simple: making you happy! That's right! Like other broker sites, we have a vested interest not in which provider company you choose, but in whether or not your business goes to a company through our services. Again, that means we have to provide you a service which you find fair and valuable. We have to provide you with useful information, and accurate numbers so that you can make an informed decision. Some will choose company X, while others will choose Y. It makes no difference to us. Each consumer has their own goals and their own considerations for that decision. We know this, and it is our purpose to offer you a value added service. We have to offer information that is the most useful in order to optimize your satisfaction. That's how we stay in business, not because we favor one provider over another. If you get the best coverage at the best rate from the best insurer and you walk away from the transaction feeling good about your decision, then we have done our job. And we feel good about that, too.